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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Stallions of the Huns

Thunders rumble and galaxies tumble,
At the sound of the beating hooves.
The Earth quakes and mountains shake,
Due to the monstrous stare.

Buildings fall, both great and small,
As they race across the sky.
With a mighty roar,
The chieftain gores,
The tribe's true enemy.

For it was them,
Who were left alone,
When fled the spirits,
Of the masters.
And as a blast,
Thunders will pass.
Because of the mighty
stallions of the Huns.

Illegally in Peru

There was once a man,
Whose name was Gazoo.
He lived in Peru,
Having only one shoe.

He struggled all day,
And he struggled all night.
But as hard as he tried,
He couldn't get it right.

Then he had an idea,
The greatest of all.
It was so very great,
And also so very small.

He then made a choice,
To go sell his shoe.
He tried over here,
And he tried over there.
But no one would buy,
Just one of a pair.

To the king he then went,
The king said gadzooks.
Is that the shoe,
From Quertin and Q.

Then he said 'yes',
The king might just take it.
But then he was ordered,
To go and to break it.

For then he looked down,
Looked down at his shoe.
Made from Vicuna* skin,
Illegal in Peru

*A vicuna is the national animal of Peru